14 November 2012

MusicMafia Presents Phototaxis


MusicMafia Presents Phototaxis

Phototaxis are an Electro-Soul band from Israel. They are about to release a new track called "Fire".

Their through-composed project, is due throughout 2013. Every month they will release a new track, and "Fire" is the first one!

They've been influenced by Radiohead, Lamb, Gorillaz (original ha?!) and their debut album was reviewed by "Rating" Magazine: "it's even more surprising that bands miles away from bristol, sometimes sound more authentic than Portishead itself, and even have the audacity to come up with an interesting twist." (Leon Feldman).

The electro scene is known to be an epitome of post-modern our civilization that is still deeply embedded in its roots, a melding of modern age sound production technology closely coupled with ancient - sometimes even mystical - beats and patterns.

Just like the first rhythm a baby ever feels is the mother's heartbeat, so electro beats attempt to resurrect the primal instincts via repetitive and mesmerizing order that drifts into sometimes nearly chaotic, unpredictable strange attractors.

It is therefore not a surprise that a bit less modern genre, soul music, finds its way more and more in close grip with various threads of the electro scene: the live, warm, slow and hot react with the programmed, cold, fast-paced and frigid. To have and have not, to yield and deny, an unending passionate Ouroboros that wraps us with vengeance and lets go with a promise, that's what this newly bred offspring of music and digital age brings: electro-soul.

"Fire", a new track by Phototaxis, is an exemplar. The thin flat beats coalesce with the deep vocals driving us up and down, circling to find our soul and reach our world.

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