19 November 2012

Kris Kiss releases his own mix of Skyfall [Adele Refix]

Kris Kiss

Kris Kiss releases his own mix of Skyfall [Adele Refix]

London based recording artist Kris Kiss celebrates the launch of the new James Bond film with his own take on theme song for the movie, 'Skyfall'. Demonstrating his undeniably impressive vocal talents, Kris completely flips Adele's original recording on it's head, creating what is sure to be a huge viral hit in hip hop circles and beyond this November.

“Everyone else wanted to be a DJ, I was the only one who wanted to be a singer/songwriter from an early age”. Kris Kiss' musical vision was clear cut from the start, inspired by Michael Jackson as a youngster, the talented vocalist set himself the goal of spreading his message around the globe while those around him focused on their locality. It's this irrepressible passion and ambition that makes Kris one of the UK's most exciting prospects, and someone who is sure to make a huge impact on the nation's musical landscape.

Growing up just outside London in St.Albans, Hertforshire, Kris began writing when he was just 10 years old, immersing himself in songwriting and poetry, and excelling in English at school receiving high praise from his teachers for his remarkable talent and dedication. At the turn of the Millennium his life changed when he discovered Eminem, a man who's lyrical content and delivery came as a revelation to Kris, sparking a renewed lust for writing. In fact, he considers the year 2000 such a significant milestone in his life that it's one of the meanings behind his pseudonym 2K (also representing the two Ks of his name).

From this point onwards Kris would dedicate his life to composing rhymes and poems, based mainly on his feelings and life experiences – using the space afforded by his distance from London and upbringing as an only-child to truly immerse himself in his writing. These formative years were spent honing and refining his craft, while also practising vocal performances – both rapping and singing – and recording his own songs.

Often locking himself in his bedroom for hours on end to create his own unique sound,Kris' single-minded vision was to establish himself as a unique force to be reckoned with. After being kicked out of three different schools, Kris enrolled himself on a college course where he learned to produce his own beats, highlighting his enterprising spirit and further strengthening his ability to work as a solo artist with complete creative control over his output. His time at the college also allowed him to make important connections with fellow music lovers, some of whom he has remained in touch with and continues to collaborate with.

Just two years ago Kris set himself the task of putting his lyrical skills to the test by entering open mic competitions. After many years of toiling away in private and organising local shows, this was to be a true test of how talented he really was. His self-belief and hard work proved to be a potent combination as he reached the National Grand finals of both Open Mic UK 2009 and Live & Unsigned 2010. Refusing to accept the notion that the music industry is impossible to penetrate, he has continued to work away on his songs, writing profusely without abating – all the while maintaining his focus on sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings with a worldwide audience. 

Kris is currently putting the finishing touches to his debut mixtape – Imagine Reality. Working with Swindon-based Joe 90 and Guy Robin the mixtape focuses on Kris’s first true musical love Hip Hop.

With such a strong work ethic and unflinching dedication to his cause, there's no doubting that this young man will soon be living out his dreams and making his mark on global music scene.

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