17 November 2012

MusicMafia Presents Velcro Hooks

Velcro Hooks

MusicMafia Presents Velcro Hooks

Velcro Hooks release the EP Gymnophoria on November 19th, already with airplay from XFM and support from Artrocker and Music Week
The faint origins of Velcro Hooks' formation was spawned in the distant city of Guatamala. This freak meeting between England and Canada occurred in a gnarly hostel amidst an ocean of bed bug ridden mattresses; indubitably through the improbable mutual admirations of machetes and moustaches.

This introduction inevitable led to a suitably ridiculous following fortnight; including high minded temples, volcanoes, many a cerveza and general ruffian-ship.

Obviously these endeavours had to end at some point. Farewells were made and Jenner Blank and Thomas Mason made the return visit to their origins respectively, Vancouver and Bristol. But this wasn't the end...

A rather uneventful year passed with Vancouver eating beans, and bristol cultivating plants, but fate was destined to prevail!

With the impromptu arrival of Vancouver born in Bristol town, an explosion of experimentation was initiated, of the audible variety. Not without of course introducing an additional pair of English miscreants (Dominic Mitchison and George Garrett)

After a year or so of dirtying unsuspecting eardrums, these velcro creatures of the night were caught by a different nocturnal noisy predator. Howling owl records took the sharp paws of the Hooks under their wing, so to speak. They supported fellow bands like 'Towns', 'Weird Dreams' and 'La Sera' and went on a day trip to the beach to create the video to their debut single, 'The Surfing Song', receiving positive reviews from GoldFlakePaint, SexBeat & MusicBrokeMyBones

And so we arrive in the present, with prospects of being undressed by the audiences ears and eyes. Gymnophoria...Released 19/11/12

Velcro Hooks are a band you SHOULD DEFINITELY HAVE IN YOUR LIFE. And we don't write in caps lock very often, so we really mean that. Mixing gritty garage with Pixies-esque balls out rock, if you're not singing 'Girlfriend' along with the band by festivals circa 2014 then there is no justice in this musical world.” - Artrocker

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