12 December 2012

Last Quadrant Park Reunion Boxing Day Liverpool

Last Quadrant Park Reunion Boxing Day Liverpool

Last Quadrant Park Reunion Boxing Day Liverpool

Boxing Night 2012
At The New Picket
10pm till 4am
DJs; John Kelly, Andy Carroll, Mike Knowler
Tickets £12.00 more otd / from 3b Records

When it first opened in the mid-1980s, Quadrant Park consisted of three building.all situated in a converted warehouse, north of the city of Liverpool. In addition to a nightclub, there was a 24-hour snooker club, and a large warehouse area at the back that was used for car boot sales. In October 1990, after taking legal advice, Quad owner Jim Spencer converted the large warehouse area at the back into a separate venue for hosting all-night rave parties. He did this by using a clever legal wrangle to allow the snooker club’s 24-hour entertainment licence to become a members’ only all-night rave club. Eventually there were two clubs in the same building; one at the front which opened from 9pm to 2am, and one at the back, which opened from 2am to 8am. People came out of the first club and queued again to get in to the second. This was how the all-nighters came about.

Mike Knowler was the initial resident and soon invited DJ partner Andy Carroll to join him. When the all-nighter opened, John Kelly and James Barton joined the resident DJ crew, and The Quad became part of the second wave of the house music revolution. It was unique in its style of uplifting music, and because it was the ONLY actual legal all-night rave in the country, coaches used to arrive every weekend from all over the UK. A clubbing phenomenon was born and Quadrant Park became the UK’s first ever superclub.

The all-nighters at Quadrant Park ran for a total of 40 consecutive Saturday nights from November 1990 to July 1991, with Mike Knowler as the main resident DJ throughout. However the venue suffered many problems and was eventually forced to close down. But such was its influence that a number of reunion nights began springing up on Merseyside, dating as far back as 1994. The popularity of the reunions gained momentum in Liverpool, and more parties followed at different venues across the city. Today, The Quad’s vibe is going strong and Quadrant Park Reunions, featuring the original DJ team of Mike Knowler, John Kelly and Andy Carroll are attracting the original Quad-goers, and a whole new generation of fans.

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