30 December 2012 launch competition starting January 1st 2013 competition starting January 1st 2013 launch competition starting January 1st 2013

On the 1st of January 2013 OMbeatbattles will launch aimed exclusively at producers and beat makers. A paid competition, the entrants will receive a pre selected sample which they will compose and construct around. When all compositions have been submitted a panel of judges will pick the top 100 based on a “5 point criteria” and post to the brands social feeds and main website. All entrants are then responsible to gain as many votes as possible for their piece, whilst also receiving votes from the exposure gained through the brand itself. The most votes’ wins, with prizes that are exclusively geared towards producers needs (recording equipment, mixing equipment, studio sessions, and online advice).

The alternate aim is to also build and expand on existing networks to gain more exposure and collaborative efforts between the entrants. In the form of networking events, forums for advice, tutorial streams for improving mix quality and exposure to companies for paid work it aims to become a hub for producers. The beauty coming in the fact that each entrant can create from the comfort of their space without feeling the pressure of a crowd, helping to include those who may not be completely confident in their performance skills.

The end game is a live event bringing together the winners of all preceding 12 months and all other entrants in one space with the aim of celebrating their achievements. In this digital age the opportunity to sit face to face and meet those with whom you compete is a valuable tool and one which OMbeatbattles values. 

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