19 December 2012

Wet Nuns unveil their very own festival Detestival

Wet Nuns Detestival

Wet Nuns unveil their very own festival Detestival

Hell-raising duo Wet Nuns, in association with KRAKEN RUM and THRONG OF NOBS, have announced their very own festival, 'Detestival', this coming March 2013.

Taking place in Yorkshire over two days, ‘Detestival’ will be entirely curated by Wet Nuns. A whole host of very special guests are set to be confirmed over the coming weeks, and the first confirmed acts for the festival can now be announced as; Bo Ningen, Wolf People, Hookworms, Kult Country, John J Presley, Blood Sport, and of course Wet Nuns.

“One of the best things about being in a band, along with substandard motorway food, unimaginable inter-gig boredom, fractured relationships and soul crushing financial sacrifice, is the opportunity to play alongside and witness other bands.

Detestival is basically an incredibly selfish opportunity for us to put on what we think is the best line up of bands in the UK, every single band performing on the weekend we have either played with or seen in the last couple of years. We adore and hate every single band with a fiery intensity, they are all far too good and talented and we hate and love them for it. Now we have created an opportunity for us to play with them all, in the city where we have honed our sloppy talent.”

Sponsored by Kraken Rum, 'Detestival' will take place on the Easter weekend of March 30th / 31st 2013 at Sheffield’s Queen’s Social Club.

Weekend tickets for the festival are on-sale now for £14 from the following online sites;,,,

Tickets are also available from the following outlets in Sheffield; The Harley, The Wick At Both Ends, Record Collector, HMV Sheffield, The Old Sweet Shop.

More news and info about Wet Nuns can be found at

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