12 February 2013

A Culture Less Ordinary at Threshold 2013

A Culture Less Ordinary at Threshold 2013

A Culture Less Ordinary at Threshold 2013

Date: Saturday 9th March
Time: 6-11pm
Venue: The Blade Factory, Camp and Furnace, Greenland Street, L1 0BY
A Culture Less Ordinary returns to the Threshold Festival to present a night filled with
experimental sounds, aural irregularities and triangulated visions.

Exploring on the spaces between acoustic and electronic music from the past, present and an
imagined future, A Culture Less Ordinary promises musical delights from some extra-ordinary

Paddy Steer's Three Pronged Audio Bath // Inc.a // King Twit // Nadine Carina // Alabaster
DePlume's Copernicus Trio // Mr. Resistor // Piagull & Cosmic Girl

Paddy Steer’s Three Pronged Audio Bath

Specially constructed for this event the grand troubadour himself will be accompanied by a
dynamic group of musical luminaries.

Paddy Steer - Bass player, drummer, Hawaiian guitarist and homemade synth builder. Some have likened Paddy’s sound to a “Swiss cuckoo clock made of egg boxes and horsehair, glued together by an African Moog player in a Vietnamese iron monger’s shop”. Paddy’s previous credits include his multifarious project band Homelife, Biting Tongues and Yargo.

Alabaster DePlume - Tenor sax

John Ellis - Keyboards (previously worked with Cinematic Orchestra, DJ Vadim, MJ Cole, John
Squire [Stone Roses], Stuart McCallum, and Lily Allen)

Graham Massey - Electronic fuzz clarinet (Founding member of 808 State, Sister of Transistors, Massonix, Toolshed and Biting Tongues and co-producer of Bjork’s debut solo album)

Dubbed as a “marching band piped in from the mind of Terry Gilliam” Inc.A are a unique seven-
piece band consisting of feisty brass section, scorching strings and rhythm section that’s hotter
than boiled beans. Mashing up elements of jazz, Eastern European folk, Arabic and film music set to drum ‘n bass, breakbeat and hip-hop rhythms, played live and in full Technicolor.

Tudor Jones – Cello
Francis Moore-Colyer – Violin
Calum Smith – Bass guitar
Francesca Dimech – Trumpet
Matt O’Keefe – Trumpet
Ian Perry - Trombone
Russell Evans – Trombone
Gregg Price – Drums

Excellently oddball, mercurial sounds that bound along charmingly akimbo to curiously excite and entice those feet into dancing, arms into swilling and minds into all manner of general revelry.

Adam Millington - Guitar, Bass, Vocals.

Simon Knighton - Guitar, Bass, Vocals.

Hollie-Ann Coleman - Tuba, Trumpet.

Michael Paul Metcalfe - Drums, Twittery.

Producing futuristic songs through continuous experimentation of sound and ambience, created
with a loop station, a MIDI keyboard, a Monotron Synth, noise of pens, wrenches, and a folding

Alabaster DePlume’s Copernicus Trio

A curiosity of a show that is theatrical, musical and poetic, Alabaster aims to delight and disgust in shows which have involved to deliver all and everything from axe-wielding destruction to breathless silence. Accompanied by John Ellis (keys) & Paddy Steer (bass), delivering a score, song and theatrical poetry of which an audience member once said, “I had to keep laughing, or I think my heart would’ve exploded”.

DJ, audiophile, collector of sounds found and forgotten, Mr Resistor weaves soundscapes from
library music, electronic, jazz, folk, psych and eclectic odds and ends.

Creating visual oddities and installations...electric, psychedelic, hallucinatory imaginings from the past, present and future.