9 February 2013

Byron John Nikolouzos and the project Fortress Of Faiax

Fortress Of Faiax

Byron John Nikolouzos and the project Fortress Of Faiax

In preparation for the upcoming release of his second studio album, Greek/Australian avante-garde songwriter, Byron John Nikolouzos, is releasing a collection of exclusive remixes. The collection, entitled “Fortress Of Faiax - The Faiax Mixes” will include alternate versions of four album tracks, re-imagined by the artist himself.

Since embarking on the Fortress Of Faiax project, Byron has spent twelve months in the studio recording  his most personal material to date. Acoustic piano and complex vocal harmonies feature throughout, creating a most haunting exploration of the human psyche. With themes such as loss, loyalty and personal struggles, Byron has been unafraid to tackle difficult subjects head-on. All the while, vintage synthesizers, beats and elements of electronica make their appearances, establishing the backdrop against which the Faiax project plays out.

The Faiax Mixes serve as an introduction to the Faiax project but they also enable it to come full-circle. By incorporating elements of early house and Hi-NRG music, the alternate mixes are reminiscent of a simpler time, before we became jaded by the struggles of everyday life. Thus, the Fortress Of Faiax project begins and ends with a feeling of hope and optimism.

The Faiax Mixes are available to download now via Soundcloud:

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