9 February 2013

MusicMafia presents Liverpool singer/songwriter Tom Moon

Tom Moon

MusicMafia presents Liverpool singer/songwriter Tom Moon

Tom Moon, aged 25, is a singer/songwriter residing from Liverpool and now more recently, London.

The son of a vicar, Tom grew up numerous cities across the UK as well as Australia.

Music had a heavy impact on Tom’s life from an early age. Influenced by legendary guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and John Frusciante (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Tom’s main ambition was to become a session guitarist but this was soon to envolve when Tom wrote his first song aged 15, whilst playing in numerous ‘heavy rock’ bands in Harrogate.

Travelling was also a big passion in Tom’s life.
Tom said: “ Probably my craziest travelling story would be when a mate and I ended up staying in a Buddhist monk’s house in north India, who spoke no English at all, the only way we communicated was through arm wrestling.

Nights around the campfire in Australia, writing songs with like minded Australian musicians, the beauty of acoustic music and seeing the world had had an enormous impact on him. From then on he decided to go it alone and become a solo artist.

Living with a poverty stricken family and helping out in a village whilst travelling in Gambia, Tom penned the songs “Like The Sun” and “New View”.
"Perspective creeps and rips out this emptiness", lyrics taken from New View.
It was an incredible experience and I'd love to go back there one day.” Tom said.

After attending Liverpool University and playing regularly at the notorious Cavern Club (birthplace of the Beatles), Tom set about recording the songs he had written on his travels.
Enlisting help from Producer / Engineer, Steve Sale, Tom set about recording the “By The By” EP.

Steve Sale said: “Ultimately the songs Tom had written were just him and a guitar, but on listening to the songs I knew the boundaries could be pushed further. The result was to tip toe around the songs carefully adding production to them so they still felt acoustic but yet had a band behind them, and a string quartet was a must!

Tom’s style has been likened to Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons, Ray LaMontagne, The Doves, Coldplay and even Beck.

The 5 track “By The By” EP is out now.

Coldplay showed their support for Tom by posting his 'Stay' (Unofficial Performance Video) on their website.

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