6 February 2013

SUBSOUND Liverpool 2013 review

SUBSOUND Liverpool 2013

SUBSOUND Liverpool 2013 review

Saturday night (6/2/13) saw the return of SUBSOUND after a great 2012 this time being hosted at HI-FI in Liverpool.

With a glorious line up featuring Dj Rasp, Utah Saints, A-Skillz and  headlined by Krafty Kuts there was a lot for the people to listen to and dance until the early hours.

We arrived in time to see Utah Saints set and were greeted by an already full venue. Utah played a good set and had the crowd, at times, jumping and hollering to the mix. A bit mis-mash for me and not enough of each track played to totally enjoy it. Highlight was obviously playing some of their well know Utah Saints tunes such as Something Good which saw a vast amount of the old-skool up on their feet.

Arguably this warmed up the crowd nicely for A-Skillz to take the stage.His set in comparison was  a more crowd-friendly piece. Playing a vast arrange of music, from Stevie Wonder through to AC/DC, he elegantly made them flow with ease much to  he obvious delight of the crowd, who by this time were in full effect. 

The best thing about the night though was the good vibe coming from the people. The atmosphere was one of joy and it was good to see the old-skool mixing just as easily with the new kids on the block as they were with them.

It was also great to see them taking an effort to make the most of it. Adorned in glowing gloves and long glowing hair extensions it felt like a flashback to the glory days of dance. I even witnessed some dancing round their handbags if you can believe that!

The night was a success on many levels and the fact they had to have a lock out at 1am just goes to show that their is a market for this and hopefully will see more SUBSOUND nights in the future.

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