15 March 2013

Huddersfield duo Statelapse to release Breezeblock

Statelapse Breezeblock

Huddersfield duo Statelapse to release Breezeblock

The mighty 420 Records is back. And the iconic label means business, with its new release, Breezeblock/Primeval from Huddersfield duo Statelapse.

The label, known for work with Funtcase, Roksonix, Genetix, and more, have always been at the vanguard of the dubstep revolution, and are ready to smash the scene up a second time with the new single.

Statelapse are Luke Fenn and Leigh Shields. After an initial meeting back in 2007, the duo moved into dandb. Both with outstanding musical pedigrees, their first successes saw them release tracks on Wreked Records and become promoters and resident DJs. Moving into dubstep in 2009, their rise since then has been constant.

New release Breezeblock/Primeval is the monster you expect it to be. Breezeblock begins with some eerie electronics, with the beat slowly building underneath. Synths introduce themselves early on, and the three elements warm themselves up to the drop. Noisia-esque pyrotechnics explode, and shimmering wobbles invade your space, as your body rocks and shakes like the world is ending. Aggressive, in your face, but eminently funky, Breezeblock rewrites the rule book. Statelapse mean business, and know how to get it done.

Primeval is bass music par excellence. Tribal drums and jungle samples introduce a new world of musical discovery, as the stage is set for something very special indeed. The drop is slowly built to, and then the lights go out and you don’t quite know what has hit you. An ear-splitting, earth-shattering drop resets reality, leaving you gasping for air and grabbing onto something, anything for dear life. Audacious, ambitions and totally, totally amazing, Primeval is going to set the world on fire in 2013.

420 are back, and the quality of their releases is as outstanding as ever. Statelapse will destroy your preconceptions and your soundsystem with Breezeblock/Primeval.

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