25 March 2013

MusicMafia presents Tarah Who?

MusicMafia presents Tarah Who?
Tarah Who? Is a punk, alternative, indie rock, solo project of musician Tarah G. Carpenter (So Was The Sun, Fräulein, Jane Gray Black Orphan). Tarah has collaborated over the past few years with a number of musicians. Tarah is originally from Paris, France (from Vietnamese father and a French/German mother) began playing music at the age of 14 when she found her passion for the drums. A year later, Tarah moved to Kentucky and because she could no longer own a drum set, she bought herself her first electric guitar. Tarah is a self-taught musician and during her high school years, Tarah has worked with several Rock bands, usually playing drums or bass.
At the age of 21, Tarah moved to Los Angeles, as a musician first, playing drums and bass for other bands, but little by little, Tarah found herself being asked to play her own material, singing and playing guitar. She decided to take her solo project more seriously seeing how people reached to her music.

After four years in Los Angeles, Tarah moved back to Paris, more confident about her solo projects and she began to meet several people who wanted to help her with her first album and began performing as Tarah Who? Tarah also joined other bands playing drums (Jane Gray Black Orphan, Fräulein) and bass with (So Was The Sun). In October 2012, Tarah recorded her second album with musician Pilal, the duo played all the parts and instruments on the self production album, recorded by Francois Maxime Boutault at counterpoint and twin studios in France. Today, Tarah is back in Los Angeles and is  working on her third forthcoming album.

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