23 April 2013

Counterfeit i announce the release of their newest EP Still

Counterfeit i

Counterfeit i announce the release of their newest EP Still

Chicago's up and coming Electronic Rock Band “Counterfeit i” have just announced the release of their newest EP “Still” on the independent Chicago record label “Bit Riot Records”. The EP consisting of five songs was produced and engineered by engineer/producer Sean Payne (Cyanotic, Glitch Mode Recording). “This EP has a lot of really nice ear candy,” said Sean. “It reminds me a lot of Mogwai.” Jim Rose, founder of The Jim Rose Circus and a fan of the band, claims, “There's nothing counterfeit about Counterfeit i. They're the real thing!”

“Still” features bittersweet hooks, dense sonic landscapes, and heavy guitars that create a mesmerizing journey for the listener, bringing them from melancholic lows to joyful and powerful highs. It is meant to be a cathartic experience for the listener to overcome the negativity in their life. “Still” is a comforting soundtrack to those experiencing loss and depression. After a listen through the thirty-minute EP, one will feel relieved and comforted.

The group’s front man, Derek Allen, suffers from chronic depression and anxiety. The 21-year-old wrote and recorded “Still” to provide hope and solace for those in similar situations.  “For a lot of people like me, this kind of music is the only thing that gets us through the day,” said Derek. “I think a lot of people can have a cathartic experience with this EP. It addresses pain and depression in a soothing way, and promises something better for the future.

The EP will be available for purchase through Bit Riot’s official web store, It will also be available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp on April 9th of this year.

Counterfeit i are planning a 20 city national tour in support of their new release scheduled to kick off in mid June. To keep up to date with this explosive band and their schedule check out their website,

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