25 April 2013

North London artist Spiro III due to release his debut album 'Faith vs Fear'

Spiro III

North London artist Spiro III due to release his debut album 'Faith vs Fear'

North London artist Spiro III is due to release his debut album 'Faith vs Fear', an album filled with high-tempo beats, luxuriously smooth acoustics and clever yet realistic lyrics. This announcement follows a very successful yet busy year for the artist, who has quickly become a well known name within the urban charts in the UK.

Over the course of this busy year, Spiro III has teamed up with some legendary people who have certainly helped him along the way into getting a strong foot in the door of the UK's urban music scene. Having worked with Andy Whitmore, who has previously worked with artists such as Lamar, Peter Andre and Jamelia, and other leading names such as Mews Studio, who have an upstanding presence in the music scene with regard to the quality they produce at, Spiro III has already worked alongside some of the best, even in the very early stages of his musical career.

Spiro III's debut single 'Let Them', which is included on the Faith vs Fear mixtape along with an Afrobeat remix of the popular song, has received an outstanding welcome in the UK, along with other songs on the album such as 'Heyy' which peaked at #26 in the UK urban week top 30 charts, gaining a strong following across the whole of the country.

For the release of this mixtape, not only has Spiro III teamed up with Sparz, the album has been produced by the renowned Spynelbeats, giving the entire 12 track mixtape an overall highly professional and easy listening feel that will guarantee the listener enjoys the Spiro III experience from start to finish.

Spiro III is a 22 year old aspiring urban artist from North London. He prides himself on being choosy about the music he releases, as he believes each track should connect with the listener and affect them in a positive way. He has decided to progress with his career in music because it provides an artistic and creative platform for expression.

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