12 June 2013

Musical Muse Sacha Di Bona arrives in the UK

Musical Muse Sacha Di Bona arrives in the UK

Musical Muse Sacha Di Bona arrives in the UK

French artiste, Sacha Di Bona is a creative songwriter whose vivid imagination has allowed him to create his up-coming work ‘Amicis’, an EP that is set for release on 6th August 2013. The EP is a collection of songs that take in everything from fairies and angels to huskies ‘in the mist’, making this a project that encompasses music, fashion and art culture with gusto.

Not only is Sacha releasing his own music, but the EP has also been selected by iconic photographer Patrick De Marchelier to feature in his Paris exhibit throughout May and June. In his music, Di Bona aims to create an alternative reality where imagination is key and reality is secondary.

The first release from Amicis will be lead single ‘Fairy Dust’ set for release on 8th July. Di Bona says of the single:

Fairy Dust is the perfect introduction song and a good transition from the reality to this other world. It's also the first song in the EP and even though musically far from what follows and what's to come, it was the ideal way to introduce myself and some of the people working with me side by side. Sadly for everyone, the real meaning of fairy dust will always remain hidden but maybe the video will help understanding what it means. It's more philosophical than people might think at first glance. I like mysteries ...

The whole EP represents an ongoing project for the Frenchman, who plans to release an EP each year for the next five years, spanning his own life journey, experiences and interactions.

The idea was to write a song for a different friend or person from my life (thus Amicis), a song that would translate the story I have/had with each or be about something that we have in common while still staying in this magical world.”

With so many exciting projects in the pipeline, and a full length album in the pipeline, Fairy Dust is the beginning of a new and inspiring chapter in Sacha Di Bona’s journey.

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