13 August 2013

Thula Borah announce new album Qualia

Thula Borah announce new album Qualia

Thula Borah announce new album Qualia

The latest installment in the THULA BORAH story has arrived - the brand new album Qualia which is available from 22nd July via iTunes, Amazon,Bandcamp and

Praised in the past for their haunting and diverse sounds, the band now presents a six track album that drips quality from every pore.

The mix includes brooding, haunting soundscapes, some more direct compositions and a couple of epic longer songs. These lengthier tracks allow the band to explore deeper themes and ideas through the natural progression of the music.

Lloyd sums up how the band feel, “We’re proud of the results of all the hard work we have put into creating this album. It continues to showcase our postrock and alternative roots but also marries together some of our poppiest, direct output alongside some of our heaviest, dense and progressive work yet.

The band intends to support this exciting release with a flurry of live dates in their native Scotland. Hailing from Glasgow the band will go beyond their  home city and visit Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen and Dundee.

So just who is this album for? Back to Lloyd, “Hopefully there's something for everyone on there. The album closer “Zero Progression” is probably our favourite song to date.

THULAH BORAH now proudly present Qualia. Prepare to sit back and enjoy the ride as the album broods, expands, challenges and delivers. 

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