14 August 2013

Freddie Mercury Rocks Ibiza at Ibiza Rocks House

Freddie Mercury Rocks Ibiza at Ibiza Rocks House

Freddie Mercury Rocks Ibiza at Ibiza Rocks House

With Ibiza Rockin’ at full tilt right now, and the island zooming towards the middle of August, it’s always good to know that there’s another world away hidden from the usual midsummer night’s madness, a rock n roll refuge right up there in the San Antonio Hills- yup, it’s Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel. The legendary agro-rock hotel of choice is a place with its own special magic which, over the next weeks, hosts a plethora of events that, frankly, deserve a big, shiny medal for their diversity, solidarity and sheer fabulousness. Amongst them, a Pikes personal favourite- FREDDIE ROCKS IBIZA- which is back on Sunday 1 September, raising more funds for The Mercury Phoenix Trust in aid of HIV and AIDS patients.

Back for its third year, this is an event with particularly special significance for all at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel, dedicated to the hotel’s favourite former patron, Queen’s Freddie Mercury. The aim of the party is to not only celebrate what would have been the 67th birthday of the musical legend-in-leotards but also, to raise funds for the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the organization set up by the remaining members of Queen after the sad demise of their frontman. The Mercury Phoenix Trust has been raising millions to fight AIDS worldwide and  here at Ibiza Rocks House, we like to add our tuppence worth in honour of the great man whose hedonistic history with Pikes has already gone down in the Ibiza annals.

Due to public demand, this year the fundraiser begins at lunchtime by the Pikes Pool, with Antz and Co in charge of providing the daytime soundtrack for Freddie Rocks Ibiza, setting the mood for the frivolity as the first Freddie Lookie-Likees start pulling up to the sun loungers. Throughout the afternoon and heading into the night, also on the decks, a line up of local and international DJs including the schamazing 2MercuryBJs, Doorly, Wall of Sound’s Mark Jones, Stray Kitten, Andy Carroll and Colin Peters, most of whom have formed part of the Freddie’s Brigade since its beginnings, all lining up to pay homage through tuneage.

As per every Freddie Rocks Ibiza, big, hairy moustaches and/or related Freddie get-up is pretty much essential- you know we love a theme. Fake facial Freddie hair will be available for purchase at the main entrance, money also going to the charity. Last year’s event managed to raise some 4000€ for the cause; lets see if we can’t top that on Sunday 1 September and do dear Freddie proud on his cloud.

Important to note, guests also have the option to grab a table and fill up on the Ibiza Rocks House famous Sunday Roast pre- getting their groove on. Between that and the Poolside Menu, perfect fodder for pre-Freddie-Frivolity.

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