5 September 2013

Horse Around Home releases debut album Time Spent Well

Horse Around Home releases debut album Time Spent Well 

Horse Around Home releases debut album Time Spent Well

I am very proud and pleased to announce that Horse Around Home has released its debut album on OUF Records. It is available on iTunes, or directly through OUF at -

Horse Around Home is the latest project by Julian Tulk.

Towards the end of 2012 Julian started recording his latest album, under the name Horse Around Home. The collection of songs can be described as a delectable blend of folk, pop and rock. The record demonstrates the delicacy of Julian’s earnest crooning as well as his brand of sometimes melancholic, captivating, alluring instrumentation.

Although quite a few of the songs are in minor keys and have a slightly sad sound to them, the lyrics often tell a different story and can be very uplifting. He has shown himself yet again to have the knack for tastefully crafting enduring melodies, memorable lyrics… … in short, soulful, moody and suitably anthemic compositions.

This is the first record that Julian has written where he feels that he has had full control over all the songs, so that they speak in the way he wants them to. “I think this is really important when you're writing about things close to your heart.” The record is about love, motherhood, fatherhood, childhood and death, and how these things have all played a hugely strong and influential role in his life over the past three or so years. I guess you could say this record is about his family.

Horse Around Home on this record are:

Julian Tulk - Songs, Vocals, Guitars and Piano
Matthew Reynolds - Guitars and Piano.
Barry Pollock - Bass and Mandolin
George Lindsay - Drums and Percussion
Patrick James Pearson - Piano, Hammond Organ, Rhodes Piano and Strings
Peter Miles – Guitar and Hammond Organ.

The record was made at Middle Farm Studios, was produced by Matthew Reynolds and was mixed and mastered by Peter Miles.

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