16 September 2013

MusicMafia presents WeMakeEverything

MusicMafia presents WeMakeEverything

MusicMafia presents WeMakeEverything

The name of this up and coming three-piece production group couldn’t be more accurate. WeMakeEverything write and produce all of their material from scratch, with a ‘DIY’ work ethic indicative of the current climate of the UK music industry. Their story is a fascinating one. Led by Guy Furious, Tom Smith and Stephen Chase came together in 2012 from individual musical beginnings; their combined talents have now formed one of the industry’s most highly anticipated music collectives.

WME focuses on creating demo references for major artist placements. Genres covered vary from dance, pop and urban all the way through to motown, funk, acoustic and reggae. When making records, everything is done in-house, from the laying down of the instrumental, to the writing of the record to the referencing and mixing and mastering. It is this unique appeal that has seen some of America’s biggest musical hitters offer WeMakeEverything a publishing deal under extraordinary circumstances.

As individuals they had already experienced success, with lead member Guy Furious already having provided official remixes for the likes of Nicole Scherzinger and Far East Movement; but despite individual offers of publishing deals, WME recognised their strength as a team and are now signed to BMG Chrysalis after becoming embroiled in an industry tug of war.

WME’s next step is to build their profile both sides of the pond with Guy Furious releasing the up-coming EP this September. The EP, appropriately titled ‘Good Company’, showcases the blend of talents from all three WME members. With vocals contributed from multi-talented member Stephen Chase as well as collaborations from Planet VI (Miley Cyrus 'We Can’t Stop', Beyonce – ‘Bow Down/ I Been On, Rhianna – ‘Pour It Up’), the EP is set to create a stir across the market, bringing the group the attention they so thoroughly deserve.

With attention coming in thick and fast from various labels and three keen young men eager to better themselves with each piece of work, it won’t be long before they achieve their goals and are the team behind a major hit. Like N.E.R.D. before them, WeMakeEverything are ready to dominate the musical landscape with the promise of true talent guaranteeing their longevity; not bad for a group of likely lads from the outskirts of London.

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