14 September 2013

Radkey on October Tour with Drenge

Radkey on October Tour with Drenge

Radkey on October Tour with Drenge

This October sees the welcome return of Radkey, a trio of brothers from Missouri, mid-west America who crashed into the UK for the first time in July earlier this year with a noise that couldn’t be ignored. With their debut ‘Cat and Mouse’ EP (championed by BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe) plus incendiary live sets at the Download Festival and in the capital, this adrenalized punk band instantly made a big impression. October 14th sees the release of their second EP entitled ‘Devil Fruit’ and the band are excited to announce their first full UK tour, kicking off October 1st with rocking duo Drenge (also brothers!), plus a headline slot at the Black Heart in Camden on October 17th before winding up with a support to Pure Love on the 19th.

The ‘Devil Fruit’ EP was recorded in Kansas City with Joel Nanos at Element Studios and then fully realised, mixed and mastered by Rory Attwell (best known for recording/engineering/mixing the debut albums by Palma Violets and The Vaccines, as well creating a fine racket with the Test Icicles, Kasms and Warm Brains) and features four tracks of stomping, anthemic strutting punk n’roll that is part Ramones energy part Danzig croon and part Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster noise.

Lead track ‘Romance Dawn’ starts slow and brooding, before accelerating and exploding into life – a rush of energy and chanted vocals, with a melodic hook that worms its way into your brain and stays there. ‘Little Man’ is next and the three brothers use it as a chance to tell their mother’s father what they think of him. “He was an all round bad father and grandfather,” admits bassist Isaiah Radke. ”He never showed one shred of support.”

The remaining two tracks ‘Start Freaking Out’ (“A song about cutting loose and not worrying about what people think about you,” explains Isaiah) and ‘Overwhelmed’ (“About a guy that's been through so much that he suddenly doesn't care anymore,”) resonate with power, adrenalin, attitude and hooks and with these four songs, Radkey have seriously cranked up a gear.

Radkey are Dee Radke – guitar/vocals. He is into learning to read and write Japanese, watching anime and enjoys books by Stephen King, Michael Crichton and Edgar Rice Burroughs. He hates milk and not only because of his lactose intolerance. It’s the kind of hate that comes from deep down inside, the kind of hatred you would hold towards someone that has wronged you in an unmentionable way. He does have a soft spot in his heart for cheese though.

Isaiah Radke – bass/vocals: Isaiah is the middle brother and watches a shit ton of movie. Some of his favourite directors include Guy Ritchie, Robert Rodriguez and Wes Anderson. Please don’t mention X-Men 3 around Isaiah because it may cause a rant that will make you wish you had never been born. He reads comic books, manga and fiction by J.R.R Tolkien, George R.R. Martin and C.S. Lewis. He plays all kinds of video games including first person shooters, RPG’s and no he does not play Angry Birds “phone games don¹t fucking count.”

Solomon Radke – drums: The drummer and youngest brother has burned hundreds of hours playing Halo, Mario 64 and several other video games. He loves the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs and doesn¹t care what anyone says about it. He can’t get enough spicy food and he can be found putting sriracha chili sauce on and in just about anything. Comic books and anime are high on his list as well as the movies of Edgar Wright. He hates flying insects with stingers, but he loves beef jerky.

Radkey also like music.

Catch them on tour throughout October at the following dates and prepare yourself for something VERY explosive:

October Tour Supporting Drenge

1st       Brudnell Social Club, Leeds             
2nd                  Brickyard, Carlisle   
3rd                    The Cluny, Newcastle
4th                    King Tuts, Glasgow                         
5th                    Non Zero's, Dundee                         
7th      East Village Arts Club, Liverpool                
8th     Cavern, Exeter                                              
9th                    Green Door Store, Brighton
11th          Sound and Vision Festival, Norwich  
12th          Bodega Social Club, Nottingham    
14th                  Portland Arms, Cambridge
15th                  Roadhouse, Manchester      
16th             Sugarmill, Stoke                               
17th       Blackheart, Camden   Headline Show
18th                  SWN Festival, Cardiff  Festival
19th       Billingsgate Market, London Supporting Pure Love

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