20 October 2013

Bain, Möller and Molsky to play St George's Hall Liverpool

Bain, Möller and Molsky to play St George's Hall Liverpool

Bain, Möller and Molsky to play St George's Hall Liverpool

Saturday 9 November 2013 7:30 pm
St George's Hall Concert Room
Tickets £15

A melodically and rhythmically exciting collaboration by three of the world’s leading folk musicians. Sharing their Celtic, Nordic and Appalachian cultures are Aly Bain, Scotland’s supreme traditional style fiddler, Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ale Möller, and American old time fiddler, singer, guitarist and banjo player Bruce Molsky. The trio recorded their new album at Liverpool Philharmonic last year and the beautiful St George’s Hall Concert Room is the ideal setting to take in their unique and phenomenal sound.


Aly Bain is Scotland’s supreme traditional style fiddler. His playing is unique – driving, impassioned and pure – with a vibrant, unmistakable tone that has earned him a following of ardent fans throughout the world.  His most recent collaboration with Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ale Möller, created the album Fully Rigged a celebration of shared Nordic heritage. Completing the line-up is Bruce Molsky who has also explored traditional music from an astonishingly broad range of cultures over the past two decades.

Aly Bain helped establish the Boys of the Lough and began a life of intensive playing, recording and travel that continues to this day. Although his musical base is firmly in Scotland, his extensive travels have led to an appreciation and mastery of many kinds of fiddle music. In November 1994 he was awarded an M.B.E. for services to folk music. A further honour came in the form of an honorary degree of Doctor of Music, conferred on Aly in July 1999 by the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Ale Möller found his roots in Swedish folk music by way of first falling in love with the sounds of Greece. En route he became a master of the bouzouki and a multi-instrumentalist with a lot of different flutes in his belt. He has toured with Mikis Theodorakis and been a front member of bands like Filarfolket, Enteli and Nordan to name but a few. While he still tours the world with the trio of Frifot, first and foremost he is just Ale, the multi-musician and performer who is a master at making people joining him in joyful musical experiments. Audiences crowd into concert venues where the Ale Möller Band are appearing to embrace the legacy of music taking shape before their very eyes, quite often in chaotic circumstances and divinely guided by inspiration and the moment shared.

Bruce Molsky is one of the most influential old-time fiddlers around. He is also a remarkable  guitarist, banjoist and singer. His high-spirited music melds the archaic mountain sounds of  Appalachia, the power of blues and the rhythmic intricacies of traditional African music. He holds a stage as few roots musicians can: with skill, a varied and deep repertoire, a reverence for the past, a healthy curiosity about music outside old-time, and a relaxed, conversational wit that draws listeners in as if they were sitting in his living room.

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