7 October 2013

Musicmafia presents Two Trick horse and their single Default Badass

Musicmafia presents Two Trick horse and their single Default Badass

Musicmafia presents Two Trick horse and their single Default Badass

Two blokes called Sam and Steve met in Leeds. They formed a band with the intention to play loud and never use a 4/4 rhythm. That went out the window immediately as they set on cutting their first demo 'Recorded Information' and later their hit single 'Monuments'. One day they asked local promoter Marcus Clarke for a gig. Marcus said no to the gig but asked if he could join the band, to which they politely said “yes“. The music got louder, the time signatures got sillier and yes some stoner rock influences may have leaked in but there were no hard feelings. Some sweet support slots came their way for seasoned noise rock bands like Dope Body, HEALTH and Blacklisters and they soon managed to become part of the fruitful Leeds 'HBNM' music scene. Did the dirty again with production legend and all round cool dude Ross Halden (Blacklisters, Hawk Eyes, Castrovalva, Rolo Tomassi) and came out with 'Promises', a fireball of a track delivering an upper cut to the chin but only after it’s pummelled you in the crown a few times first then dropping back for a little snake charmer’s dance to taunt you, finishing off with a few more punches. Delightful. 

So here they are now in late 2013 a midst a line-up change with Dave Barnes (ex-Shields/ Richard Parker) stepping up on drums, a single and a mini tour. A-side ‘Default Badass’ is straight to the point. A couple of dumb fucking riffs, no pretension while B-side ‘Murder At The Winter Olympics’ is a Chinese finger trap of sludgy noise and feedback. Is it a deadly warning about Putin’s 2014 winter games, with overtones of the 1936 summer Olympics?Essentially Two Trick Horse try to appropriate all they love about different forms of heavy music into very short loud bursts of frustrated energy, which ends up landing somewhere between Shellac, Rage Against the Machine and Husker Du. One reviewer described them as 'conventionally inaccessible' and while we consider that this person doesn't get paid a lot to write we should also acknowledge that he is probably right.

You can download ‘Default Badass/ Murder At the Winter Olympics’ from Two Trick Horse’s bandcamp for free (or ‘pay what you want’ but seriously who would pay for that?). The band are also planning a small UK jaunt in October, these are the dates confirmed so far:

Monday 14th October - Leeds - Wharf Chambers
Thursday 17th October - Audacious Art Space - Sheffield
Saturday 19th October - Manchester - Gulliver’s (A Carefully Planned Festival)
Sunday 20th October - Newcastle - Tyne Bar

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