28 October 2013

Review - Deep Red Sky @ The Lomax Liverpool

Review - Deep Red Sky @ The Lomax Liverpool

Review - Deep Red Sky @ The Lomax Liverpool

The wonderful Lomax in Liverpool was playing host to Scottish five-piece Deep Red Sky with support from Amidships.

Amidships are from Northern Ireland. Just outside Belfast to be exact. This superb 4 piece waste not time in settling in the people who have gathered to see them and swing effortlessly into their first track. Even when guitar problems plague them and they have to use a brand new guitar, they don't seem to be fazed and keep the audience entertained throughout. Stand out track for me was "Dover". An amazing tune which slowly builds and builds and screeching through out the guitar sounds of lead singer JP McCorley, leaving you almost gob smacked and awe inspired. Truly something I'd like to witness again.

Following Amidships must be a pretty daunting task, but Deep Red Sky managed to do this with much aplomb though i suspected they weren't happy bunnies due to the fact they came on late and only had 30 minutes in which to show their stuff.

But that 30 minutes were all I needed to spend to see that this was a band with much enthusiasm and gusto. Lead singer , Jamie Craighead , going off like a hot coiled spring every time the song kicked in. With a cover of MGMT's "Control" being showcased as their new single it showed the band was able to take something unique and make it their own without diminishing the original. The band show great potential but at times they weren't as tight as Amidships and seemed to lose concentration from time to time. But apart from that, the short set left me wanting to see more of them and I feel on a bigger stage, Jamie could really go nuts!

The only drawback to the whole night was the low turn out for what was indeed 2 great bands, in a great venue. But as they say...their loss not ours. 

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