20 November 2013

MusicMafia presents Clutching At Straws

MusicMafia presents Clutching At Straws

MusicMafia presents Clutching At Straws

Writing and performing songs from the heart with an energy and passion from deep within, Clutching At Straws sing about what they see, retelling stories from their lives and questioning the world around them. “We like to sing songs that mean something to us and mean something to the people listening.” Repeating themes include politics, power, love, money and faith and their lyrics give a voice to the questions, worries and the quarrels of our time. “People often come and talk to us about our lyrics after a gig. I think people connect with them and find a meaning from their own lives as we express something of ourselves, it actually makes us quite vulnerable.”

Come What May is a six track mini-album, sitting somewhere in the gap between an EP and a full length Album. It has inspired and challenged us to delve deep into ourselves, asking questions about who we really are and how we want to live; we hope it'll have a similar effect for our listeners... and get them dancing! It is an album about love and our hope that love might be the driving force in the world, as opposed to the driving forces of power, money and self promotion.”

Over the past year Clutching At Straws have toured up and down the country, building their fan base and enjoying making music in a range of exciting venues. “Every gig is unique and memorable in its own way. Each time we perform we are creating something new. It’s an engagement between us, with the audience and each time is very different!” 

Clutching At Straws live shows are brimming with energy and audience interaction. This interaction, coupled with their lyricism, invites audiences to share in stories that are bigger than themselves, keeping Clutching At Straws rooted in folk ideology. A Clutching At Straws gig promises to be a highlight for the hardcore music fan and a treat for the layperson enjoying a pint in their local.

You can find out more about the band and their up coming gigs, preorder Come What May and even take a sneaky listen on the band's website and facebook page:

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