19 February 2014

Sham 69 and Secret Affair to play Erics Liverpool

Sham 69 and Secret Affair to play Erics Liverpool

Sham 69 and Secret Affair to play Erics Liverpool

Sham 69
Saturday June 28
Eric’s Liverpool, 9 Mathew Street Liverpool L2 6RE
£12.50 Ticketmaster or /
8:00pm – 11:30pm

Fresh from the dawn of 2014 the band finished a successful 2013 with a 2 month tour of the UK and Europe. The band had just released their new Album Their Finest Hour along with their new film This Band Is So Gorgeous about the bands successful tour of China which has been premiered around the world at various film festivals and continues to do so.

The band which was formed in 1975, to which its original founding member and guitarist Neil Harris still remains today. With hits such as Borstal Breakout and Hey Little Rich Boy being performed in 76-77, the band went on to have others such as Hurry Up Harry, Angels With Dirty Faces and the anthem If The Kids Are United.

The band has had many line up changes but the most notable was Jimmy Pursey's departure following his sacking in 2006, in which he was replaced by the now vocalist Tim V.
Tim V's reign saw him take the band from its lowest point to get it touring worldwide with 3 successful selling albums along with World Tours and major festivals...and has clocked up more shows than any other previous line up. The band currently features along with Tim and Neil the bands longest serving drummer at 28 years behind the kit for SHAM 69.. Ian Whitewood.

On Bass guitar we have Al Campbell, Al who has a pristine pedigree in Punk after serving 13 years with the UK SUBS and also playing guitar with both Marky Ramone and Jayne County and The Electric Chairs.

Last but not least the band decided upon returning to SHAM 69's original format of 2 guitarist's and so on Lead guitar we have Tony Feedback. Tony is most noted for leading the Mod revival with his band Long Tall Sally and his string skills saw him join the Angelic Upstarts during their most successful period.

So this is Sham 69 now and though many have scoffed at their existence they have come to regret it having been overwhelmed by the power of the performance.
The band new single Sing When Your Winning is now out on I-Tunes and the video is available here and is also features in the new Brit flick St Georges Day.

Secret Affair
Saturday September 20
Eric’s Liverpool, 9 Mathew Street Liverpool L2 6RE
£17.50 Ticketmaster or /
8:00pm – 11:30pm

Secret Affair make a welcome return to the venue this September. Formed in 1978 and were the forefront of the mod revival movement.   The last time Secret Affair played Eric's was back in 1979 when they played two sets, an afternoon matinee and an evening show.

In a period of a little over two years, they posted five releases in the UK Singles Chart, and released three albums. The debut single Time For Action sold over 200,000 copies and reached number 13 in the UK chart.  More chart success followed with Let Your Heart Dance, My World and  Sound Of Confusion. They also drew up plans for a smart-dressing youth movement - the Glory Boys - based around the idea of 1960s gangster chic, influenced by the movie, Performance.

 The mod movement that had swept Secret Affair into the pop charts had all but evaporated by mid 1980, losing out to the rival 2 Tone fashion movement, and after the release of the band's second album, drummer Shelton quit to join the Come On Eileen  era Dexy's Midnight Runners.

Secret Affair with founder members Ian Page and Dave Cairns are now joined by Russ Baxter on Drums and Ed Pearson on bass, Bryn Barklam on Hammond and Andy Brush on Sax. 

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