14 March 2014

MusicMafia presents Fin Henderson

MusicMafia presents Fin Henderson

MusicMafia presents Fin Henderson

Fin Henderson is17 and lives in and around yorkshire. He has pretty much always loved music and now as he has to decide what to do with the rest of his life, all he wants to do is to keep music going for him.

His own music began mainly when he was around 13 and started a band. They ended up using YouTube as their main platform.

They amassed around 1,000,000 views by the end! But now he sees the videos are all fairly juvenile, and decided he was ready for something different.

He wasn't sure, and  supposes he still isnt , which would be the best path to go down to try and keep the music up.

Eventually he decided he really wanted to get an album together of his work. All varied, but all Fin.
Written by Fin, and made on his laptop in his Bedroom.

Its a mix of many genres, so he hopes there's at least one for everybody.

From the link you can listen free to the album, and get in contact.

The album is £5, and you can order hard copies too. The aim is to try to make it before his University life comes in to play.

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