10 April 2014

Dust Bowl Jokies Unleash New Video - Blood, Sweat and Perfume

Dust Bowl Jokies New Video Blood, Sweat and Perfume

Dust Bowl Jokies Unleash New Video - Blood, Sweat and Perfume

In the lineage of Swedish rock royalty, Dust Bowl Jokies are the snotty young upstarts and rightful heirs to the throne.

In late 2011 The Jokies began their assault on the rock world when they released 2 singles, “Dust Bowl Jokies” and “Whore Of Babylon”, which lead to full houses in the neighborhood and, within months, packed venues in the rest of Sweden.

Rambo Music/Sony showed no hesitation in signing them and released their debut album “Cockaigne Vaudeville”, produced by the hard rock production legend, Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Ratt, Europe etc.).

Dust Bowl Jokies also released a video to the albums top rated song ”Boots On Rocks Off” which quickly amassed over 15,000 hits on Youtube. ”Boots On Rocks Off” and the opening track of the album,” Down To The Bone” have both received airplay on FM rock radio stations all over the world.

2014 will see Dust Bowl Jokies move onwards and upwards, a new 2-track EP featuring new material,  “The Wicked” and “Blood, Sweat and Perfume”, released through MAX MUSIC (Universal), is ready to make a mark in the landscape of rock music. The Jokies latest onslaught on the rock world is packed with blues, country and of course, an endless amount of high octane of rock n’ roll.

This year is set to be the one that Dust Bowl Jokies stake their claim to the Swedish rock throne, with plans to storm the cities of Europe.

With a scheduled UK Headline tour in April, festival slots all summer and EU tours in the works, the war has just begun, but the first battle starts here.

UK Tour Dates - April 2014:
14th Portsmouth @ The Lounge
15th Newcastle @ Trillians
16th Keighley @ Exchange arts centre
17th Plymouth @ White Rabbit
18th Norwich @ Blueberry
19th Nottingham @ Doghouse
20th Camden, London @ Underworld

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