21 April 2014

Select All Delete Save As release their second album Ultra Cultura

Select All Delete Save As second album Ultra Cultura

Select All Delete Save As release their second album Ultra Cultura

Following debut single “Modern Life Is War” which received airplay on XFM, Steve Lamacq’s 6 Music show and Amazing Radio, Jersey band Select All Delete Save As release their second album ‘Ultra Cultura’ out 21st April.

The band started when duo Antony Walker and Terry Emm met at University and started recording experimental rock music in their halls. A series of EPs were produced and distributed about the campus, becoming legendary for their spontaneity and odd subject matter.  As a culmination of these recordings and their time at University the band released their almost self-titled debut album ‘Selectalldeletesaveas’ in 2011. The band’s sound has developed significantly since their Uni days and their debut album, with the addition of Rachael McVay adding an emotionally charged female vocal and mixing and percussion maestro Jono McMillan fine tuning their palette of instrumentation, although the under current of odd off kilter in jokes and eccentricities still runs throughout.

From the bizarre “Human Error”, a story of a robotic life style resulting in a suicide attempt ending on a trampoline to the stoner rap of “The Sun and His Sunglasses”, the band have a punky attitude which sees them let loose into territory other bands would hold back on.  There is a tongue in cheek element but you sense deeper motives also present. “Modern Life Is War” has a haunting aspect and conjures up Sonic Youth, Modest Mouse and At The Drive In, whilst spoken word pieces like “Nectar Of Instruction” and the slow building “Service Of The Lord” seem to provoke spiritual issues whilst poking fun at them. On the album, principal band member Antony Walker postulates, 'Culture fired through a rainbow cannon exploded into radiant shards on the wall... it could no longer be referred to as culture… rather Cultura'”. 'it is this Cultura we seek to showcase with Ultra Cultura'. 'Theres just a lot of it' he adds, with a look of confusion.

The album is an exciting follow up for a band that have developed themselves naturally and organically over time and are creating new music echoing an array of quality influences and who are not afraid to write about a wide array of subjects and taking in different genres into their style. Their music comes from a background of collaborative experience and has grown through into something uniquely engaging and rightfully their own.

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