11 May 2014

Liverpool's Freeze announce Summer Sessions at The Williamson Tunnels

Liverpool Freeze Summer Sessions The Williamson Tunnels

Liverpool's Freeze announce Summer Sessions at The Williamson Tunnels

Freeze return this summer bringing you two cool summer parties at The Williamson Tunnels for summer sessions with Greg Wilson and friends on Saturday 31st May and then returning back at The Bombed Out Church (TBC).

We have 3 summer sessions in 3 different venues over the summer curated by Greg Wilson. First up we are back to the Tunnels

We do things differently here at Freeze. The two defining features of our parties have been the choice of venues we do and the fact we let theexperts, the DJs and record labels that define the music we all love, curate and shape their own shows with us. It's why we've worked with Cadenza, Kompakt, Bedrock and Innervisions in the most jaw dropping spaces in Liverpool. This summer we're carrying that attitude onwards.

We're asking Greg Wilson to bring his choice of artists down to party over three dates this summer, taking place in the city's most alluring and well loved venues. First off we're returning to the Williamson Tunnels on May 31st for a day and night party, with Greg bringing long term friend and collaborator Derek Kaye (who tore Wallasey a new one with us recently) to the party, alongside our dependable 'best resident in the world' Jemmy.

The last time Greg and Derek played together at the Fallout Factory the show sold out well in advance; we expect this one to do the same. We'll release further details about the other two parties with Greg later in the year.

Sat 31st May
Freeze presents Greg Wilson's summer sessions
Greg Wilson
Derek Kaye

The Williamsom Tunnels, Smithdown Lane, Liverpool
Entry Price:£10/£12
Entry Price (Members/NUS): £10/£12
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