13 May 2014

Oxygen Thief Announces New Album The Half-Life of Facts

Oxygen Thief New Album The Half-Life of Facts

Oxygen Thief Announces New Album The Half-Life of Facts

Pre-order available here:
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Following last year's mini-album Accidents Don't Happen, They Are Caused and March's five-track acoustic EP One Day This Will All Be Fields – three tracks of which get the gargantuan rock makeover here - Barry Dolan's first full-length full band, full throttle album is tight, unplugged songwriting as interpreted by demolition machinery.

The Half-Life of Facts is twelve tracks of full-band flamethrower wit and wry cacophony, blanched in Barry Dolan's melodic suss and staccato delivery. Wordplay parries aggression and searing distortion fences with on-the-dime fits and starts, and the pace is one of hot pursuit. Barry's solo songs are fully realised with volume that competes with his vocal delivery and a studio polish that still refuses to sandpaper any rough edges.

From the maudlin acoustic tease of 'The Incredible Sulk', which combusts with complexity and anthemic glide, to the churning bombast of 'Lock Ness Monster Truck', The Half-Life of Facts douses the word 'potential' in petrol and sets it alight.

09 Southampton @ Talking Heads
10 Plymouth @ White Rabbit
11 Bristol @ The Fleece
12 Birmingham @ The Flapper
13 Nottingham @ Rock City
14 Glasgow @ Audio
15 Sheffield @ Corporation
16 Manchester @ Sound Control
17 London @ Islington Academy

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