24 May 2014

Peppermint Heaven to release Plenty of Time

Peppermint Heaven Plenty of Time

Peppermint Heaven to release Plenty of Time

Bold, Ambitious and Delicious. Peppermint Heaven are the LA raised 80’s Synth-Pop duo set to sweep the musical landscape with their infectious 80’s inspired anthems. Fronted by Juno and Spark, Peppermint Heaven blend infectious keyboard hooks with innovative bass and beats. Taking their name from a pre-Smith’s Morrissey song the duo spent months honing their sound in LA’s plush Echo Park area; writing, recording and mixing until they cooked up a decadent sound for success.

After a wintry trip to London in early 2013, the boys decided the UK would be the perfect launching pad to begin their foray into the world of music and mayhem. Considering that an endless roster of iconic British artists heavily inspires Peppermint Heaven, this was a superb choice. From Tears For Fears to The Pet Shop Boys and New Order, the level of inspiration from these aforementioned bands is clearly heard in their music.

The finished product is a recipe for success; “The Delicious EP”, which features remixes of firm fan favorites “Into Gold” and “So Unbelievable” by Mike Rizzo (Britney Spears) Almighty and Buzz Junkies – all tailoring these sweet sounding tracks to cater to the UK market. Released this fall on Megahit Records, the EP is audio candy that is sure to come with a serving of sensational (and well deserved) mainstream chart victory.

This is even further supported by their rising success on the DJ Times Magazine Dance/Crossover listings where “So Unbelievable” has currently reached number 8 on their charts, sharing company with the likes of Avicii, Katy Perry and Beyonce. Also, featuring twice on the Twit Music homepage the track hasgarnered nearly 1000 plays on the service, emphasizing the bubbling demand that’s about to spill over into the mainstream for the delectable, Peppermint Heaven.

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