8 May 2014

Sultry Songstress Joanne Weaver Releases New Single Golden Earrings

Joanne Weaver New Single Golden Earrings

Sultry Songstress Joanne Weaver Releases New Single Golden Earrings

Popular NYC “electro-retro” singer Joanne Weaver releases new single “Golden Earrings” off upcoming concept album Interstellar Songbook II, set to release later this year, which is a follow-up to Weaver’s debut album Interstellar Songbook. Weaver’s new single “Golden Earrings” is a 1940s American songbook classic, which was originally a romantic spy film of the same name, that she personally curated and transformed into a modern-day trip hop lounge song with glitchy electronic beats and dark orchestration.  

Heavily influenced by David Lynch’s hit TV mystery series Twin Peaks, Weaver created her second concept album that tells the story of a woman’s love affair: from first meeting, to hope, to whimsical fantasy, to despair, to ultimate understanding and acceptance of the human condition and the perfection in our imperfection.  Weaver meticulously selected songs from the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s with her producer Andre Fratto based on how the songs would tell the story and how they would contribute to the overall mood of the album.  Weaver also chose songs that she personally adored.  For example, she included "Summer Kisses Winter Tears" because it was performed by Julee Cruise, Twin Peaks’ s haunting songstress. Weaver pays homage to one of her idols Peggy Lee who made “Golden Earrings” a 1940s hit.  Also a fan of the futuristic film noir Dark City, in which Jennifer Connolly sang the rhumba classic “Sway”, Weaver creates a slower, more heroin-hazed version for her album. 

The first single off her new album, “Golden Earrings”, tells the story of a pair of magic golden earrings that when worn, will cast a spell and make anyone that comes in contact of the beholder fall deeply in love with them.  Weaver sings:  

“So be my gypsy

Make love your guiding light,

And let that pair of golden earrings

Cast their spell tonight” 

Weaver interprets these timeless, beautifully crafted songs from the “old guard” masters and makes them her own in a dark, mysterious, and sensual way.  With Interstellar Songbook II, Weaver aims to introduce these classics to listeners from a younger generation who are not familiar with them, as well as creates a whole new current-day experience for longtime listeners who are already fans of the songs.   

More about Joanne Weaver

A native of Sunnyvale, California, Joanne left her home and a promising dotcom career behind when she arrived in New York City in September of 2001. Weaver performs regularly in New York City, including a weekly Friday night residency she holds with her trio at The Flatiron Room in Manhattan.  In addition to her music, Weaver heads up her own visual design talent agency in Brooklyn, NY. 

Check Out Joanne Weaver’s New Single “Golden Earrings”

Off Upcoming Album Interstellar Songbook II

Set to Release Later This Year 

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