24 June 2014

Alpha Blondy and The Solar System live at Ibiza Roots Festival

Alpha Blondy and The Solar System Ibiza Roots Festival

Alpha Blondy and The Solar System live at Ibiza Roots Festival

Following the memorable visit of Bob Marley in 1978,  and having experienced many transformations since, Ibiza has the great pleasure this summer of having the legendary Alpha Blondy, greatest  icon of african Reggae of all time. This historical event that Ibiza Roots Festival confirms for their second festival date, will be August 20th. Alpha Blondy will be accompanied by its usual and inseparable band, The Solar System.

The Ivorian star has been preforming at the most important festivals around the world for more than 30 years, recorded 17 albums and is recognized as one of the most important living reggae artist on the planet. His songs became classics over the years such as ‘Brigadier’, ‘Sabari’, ‘Cocody Rock’, ‘Jerusalem’, ‘Apartheid is Nazism’ and ‘Masada’, among many others. 'He will always be an artist who is a legendary, despite the trends and cliches. Every album his origin is kept alive'

Each Alpha Blondy show brings along an impeccable sound with lyrics that are committed with his time and culture and is seen as a universal faith that is based on the values of respect, justice and peace, and is sung in various languages: French, English, Baoule, Diula, Arabic, Malinke, Wolof and Ashanti.

Also a Peace Ambassador for the United Nations, his unique African style, offers a reggae sound that creates a series of fusions that contribute to the World Music genre.  For many years he has performed with the multiracial band, the Solar System.

Alpha Blondy is the unforgettable act, the heart of Ibiza brings you an exceptional concert with the best international reggae, a festival that will also include performances of theater, dance, visual arts and other artists, as well as scenery and ambience of unique characteristics. Don’t miss out on it… tickets soon on sale!


July 15th, 2014: CALLE 13

August 20th, 2014: ALPHA BLONDY

Alpha Blondy will be headlinner for the second part of the World Music Festival Ibiza Roots Festival on August 20th 2014.  A recent unique event on the island that opens  its gates on July 15th with the live performance of CALLE 13, the world’s most recognised latin american band, winner of 2 grammys and 19 latin Grammys. They are on their world wide tour, in which they present their latest work ‘Multi Viral’.

 Ibiza: Delta Discos, Savia / Puerto : Closer (al lado de Burger King, Puerto) / Santa Eulalia: Disquería Holiday y Guaraná / San Carlos : Las Dalias / San José: Es Racó Verd / San Jordi: Can Jordi / Santa Gertrudis: Musset / San Antonio: Tatto Mystic (ex Inem) / Spain: Ticketmaster España

Tickets for Alpha Blondy will soon be on sale at the same locations.

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