3 June 2014

MusicMafia presents upcoming artist Megan Wade

Megan Wade

MusicMafia presents upcoming artist Megan Wade

Shania Twain and Taylor Swift are two role models for upcoming country artists. The way they represent themselves on stage and put their energies into the act is something inspirational for these young artists. The successful careers of these highly talented and gorgeous beauties attract youngsters towards them and they wish to make it big like they did.

Megan started to sing and write her songs at quite a young age. At the age of sixteen when she had a chance of singing before a bunch of people, she found out that singing is her career. From there on she started to sing in front of people instead of singing in her bedroom. Shania Twain and Taylor Swift are the ones she gets inspiration from. Along with her likeliness about the efforts, energy, and way of representation of these country music experts, she loves the honest opinion that they have. She talks about Taylor Swifts, “I was 13 when she came onto the scene so watching her has been pretty cool just to see her doing what she is doing because she writes from an honest perspective and she doesn’t, like, limit herself to what she writes about and she. Her writing is so honest and I think that’s kind of influence my writingMegan told Tickets Move. She praises Shania by saying, “she is just an amazing performer and she just brings everything she has to stage and I think that is definitely a kind of influence on how I am trying to learn to connect with audiences when I play.” She furthermore explains that stories, characters, and scenes in her songs are from real world. She does not make them up. She takes them from her experiences and puts into her songs.

This young country artist has a soul made for music. She is dedicated, hardworking, honest, and young and beautiful with a great voice. If you are a country music lover, you got to listen her as she has all the country flair in her songs.

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