9 June 2014

The Fremen to launch New Material soon

The Fremen New Material

The Fremen to launch New Material soon

In the big smoke of London town, South of the river, there’s a cultural and musical revolution brewing. An alliance has formed in the shape of a group insistent on ignoring creatively restrictive boundaries, seamlessly crossing genres and desperately avoiding being categorised. The Fremen are readying themselves for an all out assault on what you think you know about grime, hip hop, grunge and metal.

The group, whose coming together is a story in itself, naturally blend their individual influences with each member bringing a different flavour to the pallet. Fans, equipped with an open mind, from all sides of the musical spectrum are able to find elements of the band's style that resonate with them and this echoing of ideals isn't restricted to their musical output. 

The Fremen are also involved in the Long Live South Bank campaign, an award winning initiative to help preserve the iconic Southbank Undercroft skate park, which shares support from infamous professional skateboarder Chad Muska. 

After a tentative introduction into the scene with the DIY ‘Darkness Is Light Enough’ EP and taking their inimitable sound on the road last year, The Fremen (and fans alike) are preparing for the next wave of attack with their closely guarded forthcoming material. 

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