13 July 2014

Steve Bonham releases new single They Came Home

Steve Bonham new single They Came Home

Steve Bonham releases new single They Came Home

"They Came Home" is the new single from Steve Bonham, which tells a remarkable story from the First World War, based upon the experiences of his own family.

At its heart is the tale of four brothers, who all served between 1914 and 1918, and, somehow, all managed to survive. Released as a single from his forthcoming album “Songsmith”, it is a powerful, moving, country-tinged ballad of survival.

Says Steve: "I feel strongly, as we remember the millions who died in the First World War, that we should also remember the millions who survived to live broken and haunted lives. Those who were horribly injured and those who bore no physical scars but were traumatised, reliving the horror every day, unable to talk about what they had experienced."

The song came together one evening with his ninety-year old uncle and brother searching out old photographs of the family. They found one taken in 1914 of Steve’s grandfather, his three brothers and four sisters. All the boys were in uniform. Steve's uncle said the family called the photo "They Came Home".

All four brothers survived as mechanics and engineers, people who were good with their hands, never carrying a gun but witnessing the most terrible things. Grandfather Harry drove around the frontline with an anvil and a few simple tools fixing guns, tanks and other vehicles whilst also serving as a stretcher bearer. His brother Will mended aeroplanes (and, totally illegally, test flew them afterwards to make sure he had done a good job!). Brother Bert ended up in the Navy as an engineer. The final brother, Ben, was drafted into design and research for what would become the RAF.

Says Steve: "The song is a tribute to the millions of ordinary people who came home but were forever changed."

"They Came Home" is available from iTunes and other digital stores or as a special edition CD from

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