17 July 2014

We Are Shining announce new single Hot Love

We Are Shining new single Hot Love

We Are Shining announce new single Hot Love

September 8th sees the release of “HOT LOVE”, the new single from the London production duo, WE ARE SHINING. The pair ignited the blogosphere with their debut single ‘Hey You!’ and most recent mixtape, “DEVILEYE” which showcased their signature blend of hypnotic sounds and vocal led beats, hinting at the brooding musical landscape set to be unveiled with the release of their highly anticipated debut album later this year.

“HOT LOVE” is an impeccably produced track, rooted in an ether of blues and hip hop, it is a concoction of psychedelic guitar riffs and haunting siren sounds, laced with powerful gospel-choir vocals and a woozy bass line uplifted by top-line blues-scale organ and piano riffs.

Adhering to no single style or genre, ‘We Are Shining’ stand out for their unique and distinctly modern approach. “Hot Love” once again showcases the duo exhibiting their outright lack of restraint with their instinctive outbursts of beats, raw grooves and psychedelic noise - what holds their music together is what should tear it apart. 

Meeting in London, We Are Shining (Acyde and Morgan) discovered an affinity for making music together after several years of connecting at some of London’s most forward thinking and musically expansive club nights. Since then, the pair have honed their craft and production talents linking up with vocalists who breathe another dimensional layer onto the tracks; ‘DEVILEYE’ which featured vocals from Roses Gabor and the recently unveiled ‘KILLING’ featuring Eliza Doolittle and accompanied by one of the most anxiety-driven and heart-stopping dance displays ever seen. The video features professional knife thrower James Taylor and blade dodging dancer Shannelle 'Tali' Fergus. Watch: KILLING

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