3 August 2014

Jesus On The Mainline E.P. Review

Jesus On The Mainline E.P. Review

Jesus On The Mainline E.P. Review

Jesus on The Mainline are a 15 piece band based in New York City Drawing from broad influences including the fields of jazz, soul, bluegrass and rock they are not a band that deserve pigeon-holing, better to just let the music do the talking and that's exactly what they are doing on the self-titled E.P. release.

The band were formed in 2012 which, alongside lead vocalist Andrew Nesley, who draws on his contemporary jazz background, are singers Mel Flannery, Amanda Brecker and Tim Emmerick, while a sprawling instrumental section lead on horns, percussion, keyboards and guitars.

War,” is set to make it sound exactly like a war. Chaotic and the sounds of marching armies bring this in with a feel of trudging to battle though the words sometimes do get drowned out by the intense music it is none the less a wonderful riotous track.

Sister City, Brother Bone” and “Angel From Montgomery,” are thumpingly melodic with dustbowl base lyrics. Throughout the tracks the music is strong, and the smooth vocals on Angel are soothing and warming to the ear. 

The trombone solo in “Sister City” is a standout blues number, sad and smouldering and it's used again on Angel that along with the horns makes it even more of a joy to listen to.

Sweet High and Dry” with a chorus that hits all the right notes. The keyboard/organ is gorgeous and at times you wish it could continue for longer than it does.

"Jump Right In” is a fast upbeat song but it does seem to go on for a while and isn't the strongest track on the e.p.

The Last Place That Love Lives” is powerful and the lyrics stand out as being well thought over before putting pen to paper. A wonderful strong track

And then the band do their cover of “Lithium” to finish off. The Nirvana track is not an easy one to pull off (I can’t even sing along when I’m in my car). Their arrangement is novel, but also not disturbingly altered in the way Tori Amos’ “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is, or straightforward like every other Nirvana cover. On their website, they talk of selling out shows left and right, and who wouldn’t want to see the band that pulled this off live?

This EP is full of great moments, great horns and brass. Sometimes it overdoes these instruments on certain tracks but its certainly something I enjoyed listening all the way through and you can only but imagine what it sounds like live with all the band members together on stage.

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