28 August 2014

MusicMafia presents Andrew Marcia

Andrew Marcia

MusicMafia presents Andrew Marcia

Andrew Marcia started playing guitar when he was 14, and as soon as he had figured the instrument out he has been composing music ever since. He is involved in a few other projects as well, besides his own, which started a few years ago, after he decided to record an old, unused song of his. He mainly plays guitar but he also plays piano, drums or synthesizer and he records/produces most of his work. 
His work is about life experiences and emotions and he wishes that what he gives will resonate with others and give them deep understanding of whatever made him do it : whether it was love, missing someone,pain and even indecision. 

It all began a year and a half ago when i decided to start his own little project. This is his first self produced/released project.  It really represents Andrew, because it translates his true life experiences as he felt them at certain moments in time.

The song “Forever Gone” was written in one very lonely night, after the death of someone very dear to Andrew. All of the songs he writes and composes come out of passion. 

You can listen to the track below

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