6 August 2014

Nashville rocker Bree releases new single/video for I’m The Boss

Nashville Bree new single/video I’m The Boss

 Nashville rocker Bree releases new single/video for I’m The Boss

Nashville rocker bree is releasing a new single/video for “I’m The Boss” in the UK this summer -Watch below. 

The song blends hard driving American rock ‘n roll with bree’s relentless sexuality and aggressiveness.  The video was directed by Casey Culver and filmed at the 19th century Joy Mansion in East Nashville, TN. 

“I’m The Boss” is the first UK single release from bree’s debut album, All American Girl, released this past summer on Werewolf Tunes.  Buy now on the iTunes Store <> .  The 11 track album was recorded in Nashville and produced by Justin Cortelyou – longtime engineer for iconic producer Bob Ezrin. 

The album was released to rave reviews with Artist Direct declaring, “This fiery Nashville-based redhead seduces with her sultry and soulful voice and slings a Gibson Flying V with no inhibitions and a whole lot of incendiary talent" and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel adding that bree, "takes in decades of influences and spits the out in raw, dark, tones."   All American Girl was also just selected as one of the Top 11 albums of the year by Legendary Rock Interviews Magazine.  

Bree has lived in Nashville since 2011 and after a year of tireless gigging and hard work, she was recognized with the prestigious honor of RAW Nashville "Musician of the Year," solidifying her status as the city's rock 'n' roll bombshell. In 2012 bree was introduced to legendary producer Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper, KISS, Pink Floyd) and his engineer Justin Cortelyou (Taylor Swift, KISS, Ke$ha, Alice Cooper).  

Recorded in Nashville, All American Girl, injects seductive sexy soul into swaggering rock 'n' roll. Backed by drummer David Castello and upright bassist Mayrk McNeely, the singer and guitarist has found a style of her own. She describes it best, “My personal kick ass slice of the rock-n-roll pie.  Funny thing is that I don’t think many people today really know what 21st century rock-n-roll is about.  They think it’s some 1950's retro thing.  Which I certainly am not – even with an upright bassist in the band. When I walk on stage with my Gibson Flying V and plug into a Marshall they start to get the picture.” That energy comes through loud and clear with the raw and rousing songs on bree’s All American Girl. With explosive power chords, unshakable hooks, and liberated lyrics, the album unleashes a refreshing turn from a young free-spirited female rocker.

Instagram: @breeflyingv 

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