8 October 2014

Big Sixes release debut E.P. The Idles

Big Sixes debut E.P. The Idles

Big Sixes release debut E.P. The Idles

Big Sixes are Charlie Costello, Charles Bush and Toby Taylor. The band was born in a box room in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, where no old plate had any less than three cigarettes put out on it, no part of the carpet went un-littered and no neighbor ever bothered complaining after the first couple of times. United by a dislike of most things and a lack of interest in the UK 'guitar music' scene, they knew more about the type of band they didn't want to be than the type of band they did want to be. 

After a year of putting out free downloads, directing their own music videos and playing raucous DIY shows to a strong local following, the band self-released two singles ‘Swallowing Flies’ and ‘The Hunter’, the latter received air play from BBC Radio 1 and lead to the band joining Red Light Management and the Easy Life imprint at Sony Music. 

Big Sixes are driven by a shared ideology of doing whatever you want and cultivating your creativity by any means. That expressing oneself is more important than being 'cool. That a font type is equally important as a guitar tone. That t-shirts hold a lot more purpose than just a way to get fed on tour. That anyone with paint can be a painter, anyone with a camera can be a photographer and that anyone with a guitar can be a songwriter.

The band today announces their debut EP, The Idles, to be released through Easy Life / Sony RED on December 1st, available for pre-order here:

Lead track ‘Heaven Sent’ premiered as Zane Lowe’s ‘Next Hype’ this week and the video launches today. The band will also play a run of headline shows later this year, tickets on sale today. 

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