2 November 2014

Renowned actor Guy Pearce set to release debut album Broken Bones

actor Guy Pearce debut album Broken Bones

Renowned actor Guy Pearce set to release debut album Broken Bones

After releasing his first single, the critically acclaimed ‘Storm’, renowned actor and musician Guy Pearce has unleashed his second single ‘Taste’ - a catchy, bass-driven track that will also feature on the artist’s debut album Broken Bones, due for release on Friday 7 November in Aust / NZ, and worldwide in 2015.

With its somewhat playful, marching beat and snappy melody, featuring Pearce’s gravelly vocals and layers of harmonies,‘Taste’ is one of the musician’s favourite tracks from his upcoming record. ‘”Taste” digs into that illusive thing we call “identity”, and who we think we are, versus who we actually are – whatever that even means,” he says. “We’re so malleable and contradictory at times, it’s often hard to be objective.”

In an international movie career spanning more than 25 years, Pearce’s identity as an actor of some calibre is firmly established. But look in the fine print of his CV. Among all those interesting choices – Priscilla Queen of the Desert, LA Confidential, Memento, The Hurt Locker, The King’s Speech and Mildred Pearce to name a few – you’ll see a musical thread running through.

Several savvy film and theatre makers took note and incorporated Pearce’s tunefulness into their work. Then, in 2009 he sang in the Melbourne Theatre Company’s production of Poor Boy, written by Matt Cameron and Tim Finn, featuring the sublime songs of Finn. In the band was drummer and percussion player Michael Barker, whose stellar credits including The John Butler Trio and Split Enz. 

Barker expressed an interest in hearing the recordings Pearce had been making in his studio at his Melbourne home, but had kept hidden away from the world for 25 years. And there and then, things began to change. “Michael made me realise the value in finishing songs and completing things generally. I think I’d underestimated the negative effects of working on stuff that nobody ever heard,” says Pearce. With the help of musical friends and cohorts came the process of producing Broken Bones, a collection of songs that bear Pearce’s heart and soul with a beautiful sense of relief and optimism.

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