22 December 2014

Anonymous Musician egomunk engages Fans To Help Raise Awareness

Anonymous Musician egomunk Raise Awareness Suicide

Anonymous Musician egomunk engages Fans To Help Raise Awareness

Mysterious artist egomunk has made a splash in the industry and with fans alike following the release of his album Footsteps to Mars and the consequent video releases of two of his album tracks, 'Sea Snow' and 'The Patient.' 

The artist, who remains anonymous and believes in 'letting the music speak for itself rather than the face behind it', is giving all of his music away for free via his website and has just hit a massive 55,000 free album downloads. 
egomunk's entrancing music has been shared globally and the most recent example of this is a when it was discovered by renowned South African film maker, Brett Lotriet Best who independently made a video after being touched by the music and lyrics. 
The video is set to the eerily beautiful music of 'The Patient' and aims to raise awareness of the ongoing issue of mental health by featuring a number of real life suicide cases and the notes which were left behind. In a moving piece of film we follow the last words of a number of tragic cases which show how mental health can affect just anyone. 
The Samaritans have given the video their full backing and will be accepting any monies raised to their charity in a bid to help sufferers this christmas and the video has been dedicated to Robin Williams, a national hero who was much loved by the film director. 
Brett Loriet says:
                ‘It’s rare that one gets the opportunity to create something with absolute freedom, and using brilliant minds and musicians.  Ego Munk has created an artistic hub that allows anyone to give expression to their ideas.  I think the music speaks for itself, but hopefully in the video we have created for “the patient” we can bring to light a story from the darker shadows of society
                ‘I wanted to look at the idea of taking one’s own life from the point of the person committing suicide, and using real letters and notes.  The idea was not to be sentimental or judgemental, but rather to simply pause and think about the pain that one has to suffer to overcome a desire to live.  I was struck by Robin Williams, a man that literally had brought decades of laughter to millions of people, had suffered behind the scenes.  It’s part of a story that should be told and not forgotten.  “The Patient” was the perfect vehicle, both lyrically and musically.’
You can contribute directly to the Samaritans by calling or donating here:
You can download the full egomunk album here: / /  / /

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