17 February 2015

Jake Aldridge announces his new single, I'll Be There

Jake Aldridge  new single, I'll Be There

Jake Aldridge announces his new single, I'll Be There

The future is bright for 27 year old Jake Aldridge, who has come a long way from his humble beginnings in the world of music as he announces his new single, I'll Be There is available now as a free download on SoundCloud

Starting out ten years ago with a £12 microphone and a pop shield made from a sock, Aldridge has had to learn from the roots of the industry as his introduction to his music career came about rather unexpectedly.

After losing his father when Jake was 11 years old, he turned to his diary as a way to cope with his grief. He found he could rhyme words which turned in to short raps that he eventually plucked up the courage to perform in front of his friends.

Whilst the rhyme and lyrics came naturally to Jake, the art of rapping is something that he has constantly had to work hard to perfect. Since then, Jake Aldridge has racked up almost 100,000 plays online and has worked with some top names in the industry to write and produce music that has an RnB-meets-hip-hop sound, with impressive raps performed by Jake himself.

He has also achieved national and international radio plays, including with the BBC and has his music playing on four British television channels. What’s more, Jake has recently signed a publishing deal with Leopard Music who are now promoting some of his songs to their contacts around the world.

If that isn’t enough to keep him busy, Jake was approached by established film company, Rataplan Films, to produce professional music videos to accompany his top songs. Jake also boasts an impressive Twitter following with fans from all around the world, who enjoy the sound of his music. It steers away from the traditional rap scene, introducing a more professional, clean cut image to the industry.

Just like my biggest influence, Tupac Shakur, I discovered a natural ability to reflect my real life thoughts and emotions in to my music” says Aldridge.
I have been writing songs for 10 years now and along with the personal journey encountered at the start of my career, I can honestly say that I have grown to learn a lot along the way.

My early experiences of young life made me feel like the “underdog” of society for a long time, but my music helped me to express this in a healthy way. Many of my songs including Just Believe, Little Old Me, Critical, Slipping Away, Survivor and even the latest, I’ll Be There, paint a picture of a person struggling through life in some way.

My aim is to reach out to those people who feel the same so that I can instil the belief in them that they can achieve anything with enough passion and desire to pull through. When I started out, I could only dream that one day I could achieve radio play overseas in countries such as the USA and Canada. I hope this will lead to further success in the future so that I can continue to reach out to people with my sound and my story.”

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