28 February 2015

Sleep Inertia set to release debut E.P. Growth, Decay, Transformation

Sleep Inertia debut E.P. Growth, Decay, Transformation

Sleep Inertia set to release debut E.P. Growth, Decay, Transformation

Metal band Sleep Inertia are set to release their debut 5-track EP, “Growth, Decay, Transformation” on 20th March 2015

Formed from the demise of The Dead Lay Waiting, SLEEP INERTIA are set to release their debut EP on the 20th March. For the uninitiated, The Dead Lay Waiting released two albums between 2010 - 2012, securing numerous key festival appearances and live dates across Europe and eventually earning nominations for Best British Newcomer at the Kerrang! Awards, as well as Best Underground Band by Metal Hammer!. 

 The bands second album featured  narrator Barry Clayton; voice behind the introduction to heavy-metal band Iron Maiden's album Number of the Beast (1982) and the album artwork was voted #18 by Kerrang Radio as best album cover.  In 2013 TDLW launched their Comic Booklet at the MCM Expo Comic Con.  However due to circumstances out of the band's control, newer material which had been recorded in Barbados was never released, taking its toll on the band ultimately causing the band to split up.

Featuring ex-TDLW members Ben Connett (lead guitar), Steve Franklin (rhythm guitar), Sam Sara (bass guitar) and Tom Shrimpton (drums) plus new frontman Jamie Harrison, SLEEP INERTIA are quickly earning themselves a reputation within the music scene. SLEEP INERTIA’s debut 5-Track EP “Growth, Decay, Transformation” is exactly what you would expect from a band of this genre; a progressive-edged sound with complex and fresh riffs which promises to firmly re-establish the band with audiences both old and new.

Steve Franklin (Guitarist) - “The new sound we've achieved is a massive improvement from what we were doing as The Dead Lay Waiting. Not only is the production level a huge step up but we've matured immensely as musicians and we’re really pleased with the end product. We’ve already finished some newer material which we’ll be playing on our forthcoming tour”.

Track Listing
1) Growth
2) Nor’Easter
3) Decay 
4) Dark Passenger 
5) Transformation

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