6 April 2015

Ghostpoet at The Kazimier Liverpool - Review

Ghostpoet The Kazimier Liverpool

Ghostpoet at The Kazimier Liverpool - Review

The Kazimier in Liverpool,played host to Mercury Prize nominated Ghostpoet on friday night and for myself it was a wait of 2 years since being unable to get into the same venue at Soundcity due to the popularity of this artist.

Accompanied by his 4 piece band, Obaro Ejimiwe took to the stage in front of a another crowded Kazimier to play old and new tracks alike but primarily from his third album Shedding Skin which has had a lot of critical acclaim in its wake due to its more live and open recording. 

Ghostpoet is what Maxi Jazz is to dance. Vocally very similar and the same laid back approach to the tunes but with that underlying fire in the belly which makes his presence quite electric and. Although not as intense and politically motivated as Faithless and with a more trip hop and funk element to his music, Ghostpoet none the less, gives you that same euphoric feeling and when the tunes slowly begin to build to a crescendo. 

From more down-beaten tracks like That Ring down the drain kind of feeling to the jazz fuelled Off peak Dreams, GhostPoet manages to keep you transfixed on his every move.

Along with the crowd, he grows in stature and confidence throughout the set until by the end both the people in front of the stage and the person on it, merge into one. Dancing, singing and totally immersed in the music.

Two years may have been a while to wait but after this gig it was 2 years worth waiting for.  

More photos can be found HERE

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