6 April 2015

MusicMafia presents Washington D.C. band Voxx

Washington D.C. band Voxx

MusicMafia presents Washington D.C. band Voxx

Voxx is a band consisting of two, Kris KĂžllins and Elias. We're both originally from the East Coast (Washington D.C.), and moved to Los Angeles just over a year ago to continue pursuing music.

Having known one another for over 10 years now, they decided to collaborate on an independent project together where they could be creatively free and showcase their spontaneity, and the energetic, crazy side of their strong friendship. Thus, "Voxx" was born in 2014.

Their debut single "Hum Dilly Dum" (released Jan. 20, 2015), was written and co-produced by themselves. -With core production and engineering from Aalias, producer of the hit single "The Monster", by Eminem feat. Rihanna. With great commercial appeal, this song features a hard-hitting drum mix with a full line of horns and synths, accompanied by catchy unique phrasing in the song's hook to make for something you'll be SURE to have on repeat in your cars and on your radios.

The Voxx brand is unique, edgy, and fresh. With a blend of RandB, Pop, and Hip Hop, the sound is reminiscent of a new age OutKast, Black Eyed Peas, or Missy Elliot, with generous amounts of visual and sonic appeal. Following in the afforementioned's footsteps, the Voxx vision is to bring that brand of flamboyant, quirky, risque' behavior to the Urban Pop community. It's their ultimate goal to use our eccentric sound and look, to push boundaries, both sonically and visually.

Twitter: @yoitsvoxx
Instagram: @yoitsvoxx
Facebook: @yoitsxoxx
Soundcloud: @yoitsvoxx

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