25 May 2015

Concept album Dusklight - An original music-based project

Concept album Dusklight

Concept album Dusklight - An original music-based project 

Dusklight' is an original music-based project which features a complex, dramatic storyline and stylish, evocative artwork. The narrative follows a troubled journey across the wasteland of a ruined society, as well as the conspiracies and violence in one of the few remaining cities. It is a postmodern western and a character-driven drama set in a living, breathing world.

 'Dusklight' started being written 8 months ago, and came about because he wanted to write an album but he wanted something more, he wanted to tell a story with the music and he liked the idea of incorporating other forms of creative media. He went to Jake Stoker who had been a good friend of his for a long while, a student of train2game (and therefore trained in character and world design) and talented illustrator. They decided they wanted to increase the scale of the project and so asked another friend of theirs, Tom Mead (a published author of short stories and creative-writing masters student) to get involved. 

The next few months were spent developing the story and for him putting together the meat of the music. He'd always known he wanted it to be narrated and so he searched online to find an appropriate voice actor, this led him to recruit Jordan Lannan who also stars as Frank Virgo in the opening track. Next up was finding the voice's for the characters he decided on Rosie Abbott and Adam Volz, throughout the album are instrumental cameo's from a number of musicians including Sam Miller of Double Helix notoriety. 

Now that the music is finally complete and the book very close to being we're preparing for the Kickstarter launch, which will fund the creation of physical copies of both the book and CD as well as merchandise, plus some special prizes for those who want to further support this entirely independent venture. They've got a long way to go when it comes to getting the word out but in terms of their ambition the sky's the limit. 

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This is an entirely independent release, with physical copy's of the album and book being funded by an upcoming Kickstarter

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