28 May 2015

Strings and Things 3rd Birthday Event - Studio 2 Parr Street Liverpool

Strings and Things 3rd Birthday Event - Studio 2 Parr Street Liverpool

Strings and Things 3rd Birthday Event - Studio 2 Parr Street Liverpool

In June 2012 Stillhet Music was born out of the desire of its founders Ian Weller and Liam Adlen to put on events that were set up, promoted and operated with the artist at their very heart. Their idea was to run Stillhet as a musical co-operative with the acts that performed for them, to give them a quality stage to showcase their talents free from the pre-gig burdens of pay to play, with the simple deal that at end of the night every single penny taken goes only to the performers.

Over the last 3 years Stillhet Music has hosted performances by over 150 local, UK and international artists across its events 'Strings and Things', 'Midweek Melodies' and 'Stillhet Sessions'.  Ian Weller explains ''our events are all about diversity and curating a show that progresses with many different genres from punk to pop, folk to funk, rock to r&b to expose new audiences to music they may not have otherwise had chance to enjoy.  That’s how we landed on the name of our flagship event that any given show would be an exciting mixed bag full of strings….and many other things!''

They certainly have achieved this aim and their judgement in curation has been on point with so many of the artist going on to prominence on the music scene such as Frances, Anna Pancaldi and Alex Hulme.  Liam agrees ''nothing makes us more proud to have an artist play on our stage, often in their first full gig, to then breakthrough and make it in today's tough music industry''

Alex Hulme, currently on his UK Tour said ‘’Stillhet, like many event organisers promise great crowds and an amazing atmosphere and platform for new and established artists to show there stuff.  Unlike many of their rivals they truly deliver on these promises and to top it off they're a great bunch to work with.  I thoroughly enjoyed the shows I have done for Stillhet and would recommend their shows to Artists and music lovers alike’’

On Sunday 07 June at its Studio2 Parr St home Strings and Things turns 3 and they are having a special birthday show to celebrate.  Ian Weller explains ''we are being blessed with performances from old friends of Stillhet like Helena Johnson, Bowker and the Mersey Belles plus the rising stars of Far Flung Funk and Fabia…..and have special guests lined up too, not to mention cake!''  

Stillhet Music continues to be real success on Liverpool's burgeoning music scene welcoming hundreds of music lovers month after month always looking for the next artist and new sound that will set their stage alight.

The final word from Ian Weller ''you've got to remember Stillhet operates as a musical co-operative and we couldn't have reached 3 years without the commitment of all the artists we've worked with and the amazing support of our home venue Studio2 who share our passion for new music'.

Event: Strings and Things 3rd Birthday Party!

Date: Sunday 07 June 2015

Doors: 19:30 till 23:30 

Venue: Studio2, Parr St, Liverpool

Twitter: @stillhet_music

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