25 November 2011

Interview with the Liverpool band Space

Iinterview with the Liverpool band membTommy Scott and Allan Jones

Space are back! With a reunion gig in Liverpool's O2 Academy in Liverpool in December, a new album in 2012 and a possible world tour, the band are very busy at the moment. Luckily for us Tommy Scott and new drummer Allan Jones took time out of their schedule to give us a few answers to our questions.

How does it feel, after all this time, to be back together as a band. How does the recording feel and the reunion as a whole?
Tommy: It feels dead good to all be back together again doing solo things for so long.
We’d lost touch with each other but starting talking again after Andy’s funeral.
The band is the exact same line up apart from Andy and a sax player Andy’s replacement AlLan would make Andy proud. He’s fitted in really well.

Was it an easy decision to reform?
Tommy:It wasn’t an easy decision to reform and took years for me to decide. It’s been hard for us all to do solo stuff, even Ian McUlloch found it difficult. I also felt guilty about performing Space songs in my solo sets and it didn’t feel right to be performing them without the rest of the guys. The new solo songs went down amazing at Chester Rocks and Mathew Street lapped up both new and old Space songs even enduring the rain to have a dance.

3.The new album, do you have any idea on the name as yet?
Tommy:New album’s called, “Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab”.We’re still singing about serial
killers, somethings will never change
Allan: I’m so excited about it all, I was never a big Space fan growing up so had to learn
everything from scratch but I’m really excited now for the coming things, especially the
new stuff.
Tommy: There will No backing tracks either, one thing I insisted on was everything was played by us. Obviously my solo material bleeds through at times but the rockabilly songs have a "Spacey" sound to them as Fran has put bleepy noises over it to give it a 50’space sound.

What was the response to you gig at this years Chester Rocks?
Tommy: The resonse was immense. A lot of good feedback from it and people really enjoyed my solo material and throwing a few Space songs in, although I felt guilty about it, felt right.

Will the gig at the O2 in December feature any of the new material?
Tommy: It will be an even balance I think. Something for everyone. I don't really like nostalgia but I think that any reunion has am aspect of that so we hope to please everyone, old and new alike.

What are you looking forward to most at the Liverpool reunion gig?
Tommy: We are looking forward to the O2 gig, it will have a balanced mix of old and new stuff but the new songs are good enough to get the people going. Hates nostalgia so doesn’t want it
from the O2 gig. That might change though as I know the fans will be nostalgic about it. There will No backing tracks either, one thing I insisted on was everything was played by us.

So how are you dealing with the media attention again and what are your plans for the near future?
Tommy: We are hoping for a full UK tour next year as long as we don’t fall out this time.(laughs) We’re all still in the honeymoon period again then in 2013 there will be a global tour including Thailand but for 2012 we’re concentrating on the UK.

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